Find Out More Dark Truth Of Sonic R Forex Academy!!!


Sonic R Mastery Trading Course… claims that they’re managing a 7-figure account but unable to prove it..


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Here is a simple way on How to verify ACTUAL Trading Consistency 

So some effort was taken to do some background check for Sonic R Trading. Here’s what we found

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Oh my oh my!   We’ve CSI’d this SonicDeeJay and Sonic R Education.

His Real Name is Maung Kyaw Tun, and SONIC R EDUCATION is registered under KINGSMAN OAK (PTE. LTD).

The company has only been registered with ACRA in 2016. But apparently, he has been promoting SONIC R TRADING to be established since 2008. So either he’s been doing some false advertising or he’s been teaching and taking in ‘school fees’ for 8years without having a proper registered company

Also, for a chief trainer/trader of Sonic R Education, claiming that he trades a  7-figure account.  He starts his company with SGD100.

Really makes us wonder if he’s even committed to this endeavour…

His registered company address states; #19-00 Royal Group Building, Singapore (048693). Needless to say; a Google search shows


Turns out its a virtual office.

No surprise really..


Not judging.. but for a 7-figure account trader.. to stay in a HDB..

We know in Singapore, HDB also expensive.. but.. HDB? 7-figure account trader? No affordability to get better place?


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Hiding behind a online moniker, Sonic DeeJay, decides to go ‘above and beyond’ by starting a FOREX course to allow students to get a ‘holistic view of the market’

When Sonic R Mastery posts results on social media platforms. They only post winning entries and omit out their losses by selectively choosing specific time frames to show their results. (The entire account may be losing money!)

Knowing about such dodgy practices, people demanded for the prove of CONSISTENCY, by showing all entries from capital deposit till current date.



When posed with legitimate request on proving consistency, rather than seizing the opportunity to PROVE their results, they chose to delete the post.

What’s this now?! You post some sketchy/ selective results, then when others give you the proper method to prove results.. You delete their comment and replies. Sonic R’s methods screams out: OWNSELF CHECK OWNSELF!!

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“We have multiple occasions shown our full account size and even open positions.”

If you need to make a claim of “multiple occasions” just simply means that they’re selective about WHEN to show their full account.

If their winning formulae is so powerful, surely they can show their full account size AT ANY GIVEN TIME.

In instances that they continuously dodge questions and avoid providing any satisfactory prove of results, it could be due to;

  1. They’re not even trading what their preaching.

  2. They do not have a LIVE account.

  3. They are falsifying content to lure in potential clients (YOU)!

After dodging all requests and questions for the authenticity of the results, Sonic R decided their best approach will be to retaliate by calling out commenter’s real identity?


Seriously, this scenario is the equivalent of saying “I drive a car” but when others ask to see your car keys for prove it, you refute the other party by saying, “as long as I know I drive car can already.”

As far as this goes; we can only say SONIC R is…..

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In all,