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Here’s the highlights for the several Quora write-ups;

First one, seems to know him for a long time, or was someone close to him previously

With the sharing of such deep and intimate information I knew about him, he can easily figure out who I am but I know the justice is fair and just.

The main points;

  • Like to go KTV, and find girls.
  • Poor AF, no money to pay for office rental or personal expenses. Still need to steal the girlfriend money.
  • Squandered ex-girlfriend’s father money (five-figure amount)
  • Was NEVER a millionaire, lied to local newspaper about his millionaire status
  • Obsessed with horoscope readings
  • Sent email to all his ‘investors’, claiming that

From the success from my blog and recent courses, I know that I’m definitely able to deliver my promise to you – to return everyone’s money in 3-4 years time. I’m really confident.


This is the EMAIL, he sent to all his ‘investors’!

From: kelvin han []
Sent: Friday, November 23, 2007 8:25 AM
To: v3go
Subject: I’m going to attend Court today and see if I can be release on Bill.

Dear All,

Apology for not updating much since but I have been working very hard over the last 6months. Working day and night.

From the success from my blog and recent courses, I know that I’m definitely able to deliver my promise to you – to return everyone’s money in 3-4 years time. I’m really confident.

But unfortunately, yesterday I got an unexpected move from CAD to attend Court today.

The good part is that after the investigations, my charge on intention ” Cheating” is dropped but will be charged with no license in Fund Management.

( Dear All, you have know me, I really didnt cheat anyone and I still want to give back everyone’s money by end of the day as I really treasure your friendship. I really hope for your forgiveness )

For this charge, I might need to be on bill but based on the my lawyer’s expectation, the bill could be astronmical level for me. Possible S$150,000!

My total entire family fortune has less than S$10,000. We really dun know what to do.

Therefore, unless miracle is to happen, if not, I will be in remand in Queenstown until the case starts.

I think its important to update everyone as I really feel guilty since the unfortunate event.

I really hope that you can forgive me.

I’m going to court now.

I hope I can update you again.

Please take good care of yourself and send my most sincere regards to your family and tell them I’m really sorry. If I can get away, i will do my best to return every single cent to you.

Kelvin Han


(Source: HuaSing)

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1. The headman, Kelvin Han is a Convicted Criminal.

Crime Date: May 2004 – Aug 2006
Excerpt from Straits Times, 25 March 2008

Article credit to:

Article credit to:


Some even claimed that Kelvin Han solicited funds in both Singapore and Indonesia. Where all things failed, he ran from Indonesia back to Singapore to do more harm.

Crime Date: Oct2011 – May2015
Unlicensed solicitation of public funds to carry out fund management without the proper license.

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  • According to news reports, Kelvin Han acted as a fund manager between 2004 and 2006, soliciting up to  $8 million under the pretext of personal loans from 32 people.
  • Han would persuade the participants at his training sessions to invest in a fund promising returns of 1% to 5% per month. By the time he resigned as managing director in 2006, he had lost about $718,000.
  • After the ‘investors’ realised Han has cheated them into investing with him, reports were made against Han and the Commercial Affairs Department(CAD) took action.  He was jailed for carrying out fund management without a license. (see photo)
  • Han could not repay the money lost and declared a bankrupt. Till date he has not and probably has no intention to make any restitution to the $8,000,000 he lost.

2. Breakdown on “TheBirdSystem” – from an Insider

  • It is compulsory to to use their so-called trading platform and his appointed broker. – This simply means he’s an introducing broker, he partners with the brokerage company to earn commission from your trading activities irregardless you win or lose the trade.


  • It is a indicator-based system – any seasoned trader will know that indicators are lagging signals and will swear against it. Indicators are for beginners. Banks traders or the big boys will most definitely not depend and/or use elementary level trading tactics like indicators. By adopting the indicators system aka “TheBirdSystem”, Scamster Han is turning you into a button mashing monkey that has no actual knowledge of trading.


  • It is a subscription service – the first round is used to be $250 only payable in CASH, because Han is a declared bankrupt, cannot have trace of money movements. Then somehow over 2 months after bringing in the EX-SGX Accredited Speaker, Yong Chin Hiong, his price quadrupled to $1618 for the first session! This means Han and his “BirdSystem” is only worth $250, but the SGX branded Yong is worth $1368. Thought you learn from them means you learn the trading knowledge.. why need to keep paying the $50 per month subscription. Then when you stop paying, the service is cut off from you, now leaving you with NO SYSTEM, NO KNOWLEDGE, and NO MONEY


First let us understand the situation

The PhoenixSystem that Kelvin Han is marketing has been around for a period of time, he was already marketing it before he was jailed.

After being convicted, he used his father’s name to setup company, V3GO and continued to marketing his BirdSystem.

Now managing V3GO, he repeated his scam tactics; conning his students into ‘investing’ their money with him for fund management. Got caught AGAIN…




Fast forward to present day,




Kelvin Han, ex-convict, also a declared bankrupt somehow is finally grasping the concept of law. BUT a leopard won’t change its spots..

Die die still want to market his BirdSystem.. but now call himself UberCoach (marketing under Facebook Page Tradewitheboys)..

Riding along the Uber/Grab wave.

Scamster Kelvin Han presents UberCoach!!

Lets dissect this vaguely written copywriting and do some simple math…to see HOW MUCH CAPITAL HE NEED US TO PUT INTO TRADING.

  • First of all, “1 month FREE usage of ThePhoenix System (Forex, Commodity or Index)”. Wow, so powerful? 1 system can use on 3 investments vehicles even they all behave differently!? So.. Han says have 1 month free usage, but our result can only be obtained if follow for 9months.. then… the other 8 months is pay to use? Don’t pay to use cannot get 5-8% per month..?


  • Insider news is that, you need to keep paying, paying, and paying for his BIRDSYSTEM.



  • “Created a system that can help traders achieve 5-8% return per month and as long as they follow the rules and hit the targets; within 9 months or so, they will be able to earn US$50,000 to US$100,000.”


  • “within 9 months or so, earn US$50,000 to US$100,000.” Lets say we base on US$100,000, means one month you earn, $11,111.


  • “achieve 5-8% returns per month. Lets base it at 8%, so… 8% = $11,111. The capital required will be, $138,888. (p.s. not bad uh. his randomly-plucked-out-from-the-air number also huat huat one)

So realistically, if you want to achieve $100,000 over 9months with his system, you need to have a STARTING CAPITAL of about





AND he also play you out by adding “as long as they follow the Rules and hit the targets”; means when you don’t hit 5%-8% per month, he can just brush you off by saying, “you didn’t follow the rules and/or didn’t hit the target“. Your word against his.. but you already PAID for his BirdSystem





But bearing in mind, if you don’t pay for his $50/month system, then you’re not following his rules, giving him the chance to brush you aside.

And if you paid the $50/month, it’s also a 50/50 chance to profit. So you don’t pay also also die. LPPL leh




Also it’s already been MORE THAN 15 MONTHS since the post and his UberCoaching. So how many of those students and users of the BirdSystem actually achieve the US$100,000 standard. Okay okay, give chance.. maybe student need TIME to acquire experience.




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This is one of Kelvin Han’s student’s, Shuka Kozakura. She was one of Kel’s students in 2016, within the same year, she got herself into the PhoenixSystem as a assistant, and few months later became the face of the brand! Being a speaker/trainer for Kelvin’s BirdSystem.

Let us do the math;

In 2016, she turned to the PhoenixSystem as Kel claims in his advertisement, “I will show you how to make USD100,000 in 9months time.”

2 years later…..

Now in 2018, she’s still with Kelvin Han’s TradewitheBoys (previously PhoenixSystem, V3GO). But spending all this time with Kelvin Han, using his systems… Is she making the USD$100,000 per month? The answer?


If the BirdSystem so powerful, she will be making the USD$100,000 per month already, no need to become admin staff, taking preview appointments. She can be like Singapore famous socialite, Jaime Chua already.

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UberCoach! Will go to your home or workplace to coach you on Forex!

Stay in Tampines but travel to Boon Lay!

Commitment level: 26 MRT Stops. (Brag worthy meh?)

Is it he comparing himself to our Malaysian colleagues that have to 4am travel into Singapore then 11pm go back Malaysia and repeat day after day? (this one, mad respect)


Scamster Han is FULLY BOOKED!!!  Han must have people queueing up from Boon Lay to Tampines, money-in-hand, ready to learn!! Business must be blooming!

“This do show that my coaching is worth the money and people kept referring others to me” – Kelvin Han, 2018

All we have to say is: SELF PRAISE IS NO PRAISE.

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Still made Facebook posts about his closings! Paying $250 for 4hours of personal coaching etc etc.

But I thought Scamster Han say he fully booked? But receipt01 dated at 05/1/17.. then receipt09 dated 24/02/17, means 2 months he only do 9 students..

So.. his definition of fully booked is 9 students in 2 months?



Even my neighbourhood shoe repair uncle takes more clients than him

Now he states that, he brought on SGX Academy Accredited Speaker, Yong Chin Hiong who was skeptical initially BUT after weeks of trying the system, he is convinced.

The way they advertising that he is SGX Accredited Speaker is as though SGX adopted the system…. this is totally


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After a few months of bringing this Yong Chin Hiong into PGL. Yong went around boasting about his status as a SGX Accredited Speaker and using it as an advertising bait. All their advertising materials and efforts are focused on marketing the fact that he was an SGX Accredited Speaker, trying to associate themselves with an national organisation.


Turns out after months of doing so… he’s no longer part of the SGX Speaker’s Panel.

His profile now reads; FORMER(EX) SGX Accredited Speaker. (SGX don’t endorse scamsters)

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Now lets have a look at this Scamster’s Results

Account only started in 9 May 2018… Not even 1 year result yet…

What happened to all the other years of results. You say got 17 years of trading experience.. but only can show 4 months of results.

Even if show results… IT SHOULD NOT BE ON MYFXBOOK. Because MyFXBook results can be manipulated!

If you want to show REAL LIVE RESULTS, you can show it LIVE from your MT4 account history/balance or your broker’s login system.